Hands On

The HandsOn app is a client management, calendar management and invoice management system for small business operators.

The HandsOn app is ideally suited for massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, in-home/gym fitness instructors, personal trainers, in-home service providers (i.e. house cleaning), music teachers,…well – you get the idea – basically anyone who works with clients to provide a service.

The app includes the following functionality and features:
1. Security: password protected access to your information and records, with a secure backup to our servers with your paid subscription (free to try with up to 10 clients!)
2. Client Management: client information, client notes, appointment history, emergency contact information, form capture and history (using image capture & notes), insurance provider information and more! Even send global emails to all your clients to tell them about new services, office hours, holidays, promotions, etc.
3. Calendar: client appointments with your customized services, calendar synchronization, optional calendar invites and email appointment reminders.
4. Employees: New in version 2.0! Add employees (if you have them – or if you have a partner – both can share the same app), to manage multiple client appointments at the same time, unique billing by employee based on service offerings and email your employees.
5. Map it: Use integrated mapping function to find your clients if you travel to see them.
6. Finances: automatic invoice generation based appointments, customizable billings/services for invoices and receipts, customizable account fields for report tracking.
7. Reports: standard reports to track how you are doing or follow up on outstanding items, invoice and/or receipt generation (print or email)

The app is free to download and try out with 10 client records. If you subscribe to our expanded service, you gain access to secure backup of your information in case you lose your device, multiple device use of your information and email messaging of client appointments and reminders. With a paid subscription you can upload your entire client list to your device through a web interface so you don’t have to manually input them.

The ongoing cost of the app is less than you probably spend on your current provider, or by using paper calendars and records!

In App subscription: You can subscribe for full version of the application for US $6.99 monthly or US $69.99 annually (amounts will be charged through your iTunes account in your local currency if you are subscribing outside of the US). The subscription will auto renew unless cancelled by you.

The app is recommended to be used on iPads. Multi-language capabilities including: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Portuguese.