Liquor Lover

Enjoy tasting a variety of spirits? Want to keep track of all the liquors you enjoy? The Liquor Lover app allows you to find, track and store information about all your favorite spirits. Whether you enjoy a variety of different spirits or like to explore a variety of the same kind, this app will make sure the right liquor is always at your grasp (or in your glass!).

The Liquor Lover app stores all the information about your favorite spirits and the ones that might be your favorites. You can add spirits to your collection by searching through our direct link to the database with 1000’s of liquors (including single malt scotches, premium rums, vodkas, gins, tequilas,…well you get the idea) or manually adding it yourself. You can even take a picture of the label to help you remember! Add your own tasting notes or other detail comments. Find out how the brewery describes the beers you like and keep it with your selections. Search liquors in your favorites by using key words.

Liquor notes available as well!

Multi-language capabilities. Languages supported included: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin, Portugese, Danish, Swedish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Polish